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Its been a very smelly week.....

This week the airs been a thick concoction of smells; silicone, resin, acetone, varnish, to produce this... A fiberglass/resin cast of my ape. Check my previous post to see a photographic diary to my processes used to create him!

Miles Ascough Prop Maker

The fiberglass cast has been primed with a gesso base then worked into with layers of acrylic washes. -I find working with the lightest colours first enables you to take back the layers of dark with a sponge to reveal the lighter tones in relief.

Miles Ascough Prop Maker

The eyes and nostrils were painted then finished with a polyurethane based varnish.

Miles Ascough Prop Maker

The whole sculpt was finished with a weathering pigment powder to dull down the paints sheen and make the apes skin appear dusty.

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