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Mac Whom Props - June 2018 

A corporate client commissioned a full-size Dalek and K9 for their production of Mac Whom (an amalgamation of Macbeth and Dr Who) at the Churchill Theatre Edinburgh. The half- Dalek prop doubles up as a lectern with a cupboard and shelves built into the back. Photos below by Ben Watkins Photography.

The Body Shop dog bowl
Giant Dog Bowl and Artificial Shrub Planters, The Body Shop - April 2018 

Events agency Hel's Angels commissioned a giant dog bowl and bespoke flowerbeds on behalf of the Body Shop UK to take along on their #ForeverAgainstAnimalTesting campaign trail. The Body Shop ambassadors attended a number of pet-centric festivals this summer in order to gain public support.

Submarine Doors
Submarine Doors, Enigma Quests - March 2018 

Enigma Quests commissioned two submarine doors for their subterranean themed escape room. The doors are fully operational with working handwheel lock and solenoid bolting mechanism. Solid MDF construction gives the doors a necessary 'weighty' feel, but not too heavy to install.   The hinges and lock mechanism was custom manufactured in heavy gauge steel to provide reliable year-round performance. The doors, frames, mechanism and hinges were custom designed by Miles Ascough for Enigma Quests. 

Mr President
Artefacts for St James' Market Pavilion, Mr. Presiden - March 2018 

Marketing agency Mr President commissioned a number of small artefacts to adorn the aviary of cabinets in The St James’s Market Pavilion. Each artefact tells a unique story related to the St James area. The interactive exhibit is part of a larger placemaking campaign to develop a new positioning for the area of St James’s, London, and to raise the awareness of one of the capital’s hidden gems. Props created for the Exhibit include; The first computer punch cards pioneered by Ada Lovelace and Charles Babbage, A martini with an orange twist as served by the internationally renowned Dukes Hotel, a couple of scotch eggs to celebrate their creation at Fortnum Mason in 1738, a Fender Stratocaster guitar (strung backwards) as used by Jimi Hendrix in his first London gig, an interpretation of the Bloodstain Artwork Titled ‘Normans Blood’ as preserved by the ICA and Yoko Ono’s magnifying glass.  To find out more about this exhibition click here.

Pyx and Challice Delepre
Medieval Museum Props, Delepre Abbey - February 2018 

These replica artefacts of a Chalice and Pyx were commissioned to help tell the story of Delepre Abbey’s separation from the Catholic Church in 1536. Each object is slightly oversized but otherwise authentic. They are designed and fabricated in a combination of carbon enforced resin and tulipwood to withstand robust handling from the public.  The wood chalice is painted to resemble aged pewter with replica cabochon stones and the pyx painted gold with ultramarine enamel. Take a look at how they were made here.

Fastnacht Masks
Fasnacht Masks and Props, Théâtre Volière’s Arnika, Bridewell Theatre - January/ February 2018 

We were commissioned to design and create Ten Fasnacht masks for Théâtre Volière’s production of Arnika at the Bridewell Theatre.    Masks Designed and Fabricated by Miles Asough, with original clay sculptures by Tracy Lilley. The masks are constructed of lightweight fibreglass, with hand-carved Chemi-wood tusks and horns. Each mask has custom made staps and padding which were tailored to each actor's requirements.  The masks not only serve as disturbing guises but also form part of the stage set when suspended from shepherds crooks mounted in custom fabricated steel stands. We also fabricated bones and other hand props for the production.  Click here to watch the masks in action.

Haig Wiskey
Haig Clubman Present Tower Prop, Westfield Shopping Centre - December 2017

Tower of presents for Haig Whiskey’s pop-up store at Westfield shopping centre. The 1.3m festive tower features (Pantone) Reflex Blue gift-wrap; custom printed to match the Haig brand. The tower is constructed from FR plywood and the bottles of whiskey individually fixed down. Concealed LED strip lights in the plinth generate a cool glow around the base of the installation.  The present tower and 1:10 Scale maquette were made for Elastic Productions LTD.

Illuminated Archway
Illuminated Archway Prop, Spinnaker Tower New Years Eve- December 2017 & 2018 

A custom-designed and fabricated illuminated archway especially for Roar Events Ltd. If you would like to hire this prop for your event please contact Roar Events here.  Plywood construction, antique gold finish and 40x LED cabochon lights. The photos below show the archway at its debut appearance in the Spinnaker Tower Portsmouth for their 2017/18 NYE celebrations. Additional Signage was added to the archway for the 2018/19 'An Evening on the Orient Express' themed event.


Albourne Christmas Tress
Christmas Tree Prop - November 2017

2m tall Christmas Tree prop Designed by Keith Orton for a private Christmas grotto installation. MDF construction with trilobal flock and glitter finish. Programmable lights and motorised revolving planes.

Trapped Magic
Witches Bellarmine and Athame Props, Trapped Magic- The Broken Blade - November 2017/ March 18 

A magical witches bottle and dagger made for a short film. The client specified a bellarmine shaped bottle with a deep red salt-glazed texture, silver veins and topped with a diamond shape bottle stop. The bottle is hand-turned from jelutong and African Blackwood.  The dagger, aka Sallianne’s magical Athame ‘Sorrow' is a Kris - style blade made from spring steel, the hilt and pommel made from brass and handle turned from Panga Panga wood.  A quartz crystal is set into the pommel to enhance the power of the weapon. The blade is laser etched with 'Sorrow' in a Theban script and the hilt etched with the goddess of the moon symbol.

Cheshire Cat
Cheshire Cat Props, Hidden City - October 2017

Two Cheshire cats created for Hidden City's Alice in Wonderland themed hunt across London. One cat includes an animatronic breathing mechanism, and the other cat decapitated. For more information about how to participate in the Alice in Wonderland themed trail, please visit their website. Cat and installation designed and fabricated by Miles Ascough. Original sculpture and mould making by Daniel Sipos

Effigy Macbeth
Macbeth Effigy Prop, Macbeth at the Bussey Building - October 2017

An Effigy of Macbeth created for the Devil You Know Theatre Group, for their post-apocalyptic rendition of one of Shakespeare's most famous tragedies. The effigy serves as a voodoo/ritualistic doll to perform the witch's bidding. The prop has inbuilt pipe system to eject blood from the eyes when pierced with a red-hot poker!  Additional props, Frog, snake, poker and naive sword were also created for production. Art Assistant: Molly Watkins 

Mink and Sloth
Giant Ground Sloth & Pink Mink Wedding Props - August 2017

These creatures were commissioned specially for a clients wedding day. Six Feet tall, freestanding sculptures, hand-carved in polystyrene with fur finish and airbrushed paint effects. Sculptures carved by Tracy Lilley. Design, fur application and detailing by Miles Ascough 

Kanji Signs
LED Kanji Stage Signs, The One Hundred Band - April 2017

A pair of LED stage lights with Hyaku kanji symbol. The stage lights are made from Lightbox acrylic with a lightweight plywood carcass. The lights have flight case handles, wheels and corner protectors for increased durability and manoeuvrability. 

Strike Skull Masks
BBC 1 Strike: Seven Skull Masks - February/March 2017

Seven skull masks created for Strike: The Silkworm (Season 2), BBC1 Drama based on the books by JK Rowling. The masks are made from fibreglass with foam padding and leather strapwork. Masks include: Wild boar mask (Bombyx/Quine), Crow mask (The Tick /Liz Tassel), Little Owl mask (Succuba/ Leonora Quine), Fox mask (Vainglorious/Michael Fancourt), Rat mask (Harpy/Kathryn Kent), Albatross mask (Cutter/Jerry Waldegrave) and Reptile mask (Phallus/Daniel). Take a look at how they were made here.

Masks designed and sculpted by Miles Ascough (Project Manager), Dan Sipos & Samuel Allan.  With thanks to Tom Holloway and Garry Bradley. 

Santas Throne
Santa's Throne Prop - August/September 2016  

This Santa's throne prop was designed by Keith Orton for a corporate Christmas event. The chair is over 1.5m tall and fabricated in solid beech with hand-turned cedar wood front legs. Traditional carpentry and upholstery skills were utilised in the construction to maximise the chair's longevity.

Gottwood Hand
Gottwood Hand Sculpture / Installation Art - May/June 2016  

We were commissioned by Creation Live to design and fabricate a giant hand clutching an LP coming out of water for the centre of the Gottwood Festival lake. The poly-carved & fibreglass forearm conceals a welded steel structure which was installed on a scaffolding base sunk into the lake. Special design considerations were made to both its outdoor durability and ease of installation. The hand-painted piece was designed, fabricated and installed by Miles Ascough (HOD) and his team of prop makers: Tom Holloway, Eugenio Feito, Iona King.   Construction: welded steel frame, plywood record, polystyrene carved hand and forearm, fibreglass skin and aged bronze paint effect. Time-lapse video of installation click here.

Railway Bridge Installation
Model Railway Bridge Plinth - January 2016  

This railway bridge was commissioned to provide a special way to display a model steam engine. The model steam engine was made for the client for a separate commission.  This installation is 3 metres in length and can disassemble into 5 sections for ease of transportation. Construction: timber framework, brazed steel railings, polystyrene bricks, switch panel and LED lighting.   Click here to see the scale maquette. 

Prosthetic Leg
Antique Leather Prosthetic Leg  Costume/Prop - September /October 2015  

This prosthetic limb was created for a production of Pentecost written by David Edgar staged at the Webber Douglas Studio, The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. Construction: tooled & stitched leather cuff & straps, vacuum-formed plastic lower leg and padded interior.

"Comfort on stage was at the forefront of Miles' priorities and it paid off. I was wearing the prop for 3/4 hours at a time and came away from the two weeks with not one blister, graze or any injury at all. I was very easy to put on which meant there was minimal panic backstage and not once did it break during the show weeks."     [Actor Alec Porter]


H Class Steam Locomotive
1/5th scale Model H- Class Steam Locomotive (With working steam and lights) - August/September 2015  

1/5th scale model of an H- Class Steam Locomotive for charity fundraiser performance of 'The Importance of Being Lewis' at the Dominion Theatre, London. Production Designer: Keith Orton. Construction: plywood frame, plastic boiler, turned wood funnels & buffers, cast resin wheels, ultrasonic smoke effect and LED lights.


Greek Style Bust
Greek Style Busts - June 2015

A Greek-style bust theatrical prop created for The Miller Centre's production of London Assurance by Dion Boucicault. Construction: clay sculpture, silicon & plaster mould, fibreglass cast and polystyrene plinth. 

Posidons Throne
Poseidon's Throne - May 2015

Poseidon’s throne featured in 'Friends of Narcissus' an RCSSD 2015 Production for the Minack Theatre, Cornwall. Designer: Helen Coyston. A collaborative project fabricated by Miles Ascough and Dan Sipos. Construction: lightweight welded steel structure, plywood reinforcement, high-density foam & latex coating, poly carved legs and pearlescent paint finish.  


Polystyrene Pepper
Polystyrene Pepper Carving - May 2015

 Construction: polystyrene carved pepper, foam coat and acrylic paint.

Lions Head
Severed Lion Head, Theatrical Prop - March 2015

This is a theatrical prop created for a Windsor Tech's 2015 production of 'Surplus de Cirque'. Construction: clay sculpture, silicon & plaster mould, polyurethane foam cast, latex nose & tongue, resin teeth & eyes, flocked & punched fur and airbrushed paint finish. For more information on how the lion is made please take a look at the following posts on my blog:  "Open wide" Lion Head Prop,    Flocking and hair punching the foam head cast,   NFT Fur has arrived!  and  "A month of spare time later... My lion is finished!".


Realistic Fire Effect, Theatrical Prop - March 2015

A realistic and completely safe fire effect for use on stage. This prop utilises an ultrasonic fog generator, centrifugal fans and dichromic bulbs to create the illusion of flames without the fire hazard. This was a collaborative project designed and created by Miles Ascough and Dan Sipos as part of 'The Tableaux Project' staged at The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, March 2015. Construction: polystyrene logs, plastic fire furniture, faux hearth, paint effect brickwork and water vapour flames. Video of fire

Fibreglass Ape - October 2014

Planet of the Apes inspired mask/bust. Construction: clay sculpture, silicon & fibreglass mould, fibreglass cast.

Latitude Festival Installation - July 2014

Dia de Los Muertos art installation designed and constructed for the faraway forest at Latitude Festival. The installation was later reincarnated in the Beefy Melons Tent at Standon Calling Festival 2014. The installation features a 3m tall skeleton surrounded by flower-laden graves and 200 LED candles. Installation designed and fabricated by Miles Ascough and creatively installed by Molly Watkins and Nichola Nichols as an eleventh-hour production for Festival Republic. 

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