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Fox and Hare Masks, Electric Daisy Flower Farm - July 2020

Electric Daisy Flower farm commissioned two masks for a floral photoshoot to promote their stylish organic flower business. These Masks were initially sculpted in clay and then moulded for reproduction in varaform.  Varaform is a thermoplastic mesh that's incredibly strong and lightweight making it the perfect material for a mask. The masks are finished in faux fur material and further detail added with flocking, hair punching and airbrushed paint effects. 

Fox & Hare Mask
Binaural Sound Trolley
Binaural Sound Trolley for Great Ormond Street Hospital, The Unicorn Theatre - September 2019

Designer Khadija Raja commissioned this trolley as part of a collaborative project between the Unicorn Theatre and Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital. The project aimed to bring theatre to the hospitals most vulnerable children, particularly those who are unable to leave the wards. The Unicorn recorded three fables from a past show in binaural sound. The recordings can be experieneced via headphones which hang in this purpose-built trolley. The Headphones and audio equipment can be moved easily between wards; and presented to the kids for them to choose which story they want to listen to. Khadija's design for the trolley takes inspiration from children's paper theatres; with two doors that look like red curtains open to reveal a little empty theatre with masking and backdrop. The theatre trolley is constructed in birch plywood and built to last for future projects.  

N.I.G.E.L Robot Prop, Danger Mouse, MJN Productions - May 2019

This is N.I.G.E.L the robot. Nigel is 1m tall and designed to be used on stage. He features a number of LEDs, flashing beacon, suspension and moving arms. He can be puppeteered off-stage by remote control. Nigel is a principal character in the theatrical production of Danger Mouse staged by MJN Productions.  Watch video. 

Hormonal Housewives
Hormonal Housewives, UK Tour, Red Entertainment - March 2019

Red Entertainment commissioned the set construction for their stage show 'Hormonal Housewives'. The set was designed by Mike Newman Jnr.  Particular consideration was given to the portability of the set; it was constructed to fit within a long bed van and to allow for easy assembly in a variety of different sized venues. The set includes 4 x freestanding 10x5' Flats hand painted, a lightweight theatrical door w/reveal and a faux wood-grained minibar.   

Aliens In The Attic
Aliens In The Attic, MNJ Productions - February 2019

MJN Productions asked for a 20ft wide stage set for their show 'Aliens In the Attic' due to tour the UK late 2019. The set features large holes and hatches for puppeteering, and considerations were taken to ensure trip-free backstage access to all puppeteering points.  Set design and construction by Miles Ascough and Mike Newman Jr.

Prepare To Try
Prepare To Try Shield , IGN - January 2019

IGN commissioned a shield to mark 3 years of the popular gaming-centric Youtube channel 'Prepare To Try'. The presenters have since started a new Youtube channel together as RKG Video.  Plywood construction made and painted to look like aged oak.

dressing table and harp
'The Greatest Showman' inspired props, MNJ Productions - January 2019

MJN Productions commisioned a large collection of triplicate props to feature in "Greatest Showman" inspired dance three well-known holiday parks abroad.  The list of props included: 3 x white harps, 3x dressing Tables with light up mirrors, 3x stage flats, 3x giant picture frames standing on their corners, 10 x reinforced A3 picture frames, 3x giant paintbrush and palettes.   

Toilet Roll Player Andrex
Toilet Roll Player, Andrex & Water-Aid Advert - October 2018 

Jelly London commisioned the fabrication of a working model/contraption that resembled a classic cinema/media machine. The contraption holds a toilet paper on a spool in a similar fashion to a film spool on a projector. In the TV advertisement, the machine plays an animated sequence promoting the charity partnership between Andrex and WaterAid.  Each frame of the animated film is rotoscoped in oil paint on to individual toilet sheets.  From August 2018 Andrex have partnered with WaterAid on the Toilets Change Lives campaign, where they will be working together to build and improve public toilet facilities in Bangladesh. 

Monty Python
Monty Python Wedding Props - April 2018 

Monty Python Superfan Gemma Harris commissioned a number on Python themed props to bring added humour to her wedding day!

A very english scandal
A Very English Scandal, BBC1 Drama - September 2017

A couple of small props made for BBC 1’s A Very English Scandal. A 1960’s Irish taxi sign and six brass finials to dress the Royal Courts of Justice set. 

Invaders Film
Invaders, Short Film - October 2016 

VFX artist and filmmaker Director Daniel Prince approached me to collaborate on a short film project involving a mix of CGI and practical effects.  Daniel required a number of props and practical special effects to interact with on set; including, exploding Santa, dripping guts, crop circles, urinating rigs, chimney effects and spaceship models! The finished film has all the festive fuzziness and classic sci-fi nostalgia you could stuff into a 14-minute short! Check out the finished Animation here!  A short video of the SFX and props can be viewed here.

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