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3D Scanned & Printed People!

With 3D printing becoming a increasingly prevalent technology used in prop making, design and science, I try to embrace it ever so often to keep my methods and ideas up to date. 3D printing is evolving at a stunning speed and I'm tirelessly amazed by its new capabilities and applications. 3D Printing technology and services are not only becoming more easily sourced, but also more affordable.

3D Scanning & Printing my own 3D Figures

Recently I came across a wonderful company called Modelu. Modelu offer a simple and affordable 3D Body Scanning service. For £25.00 Modelu can make a laser scan of you or a friend and produce a 3D computer model. Modelu can also 3D print your scan in a variety of sizes and materials (3D prints are priced separately).

You can read more about the process here:

When I needed some tiny 1:48 scale paddling figures I turned to Modelu to produce them for me. Communication with Alan at Modelu was friendly and simple. Unable to visit Alan in person I sent over a selection of drawings and a brief of what I wanted. Within a few days I was holding a prototype figure in my hands

It really was that easy!

The detail of the finished prints was outstanding. Alan even managed to model and print me paddles. Making models by hand on this scale would be exceptionally time consuming and exceedingly difficult to make them articulate as you can see in the video below.

I highly recommend the services of Alan at Modelu and urge you to give it a go yourself!

Take a look at the result:

Heres what I sent to Alan at Modelu:

Below you can see the models in the 3D printing and modelling software:

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