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The Fantastical Factory of Curious Craft, Channel 4 - October/November 2019

Director Matthew Cooper from Jelly London enlisted my model making services to create 10 sets for the opening title sequence for the 'Fantastical Factory of Curious Craft'.  Matt designed a magical factory that produces all manner of colourful creations. In keeping with the show, all models were handcrafted and brought to life in-camera through a combination of stop motion and live-action techniques.⁠ Shot in the magical basement of Clapham Road Studios with DOP Matthew Day, Asst DOP Thomas O'Meara and animator Tim Allen⁠. Here's the finished animation.

McDonald's 'Always On' Advert - July 2019

Matthew Cooper is an animator and director who specialises in quirky, high-end stop-motion animation. Matthew commissioned these tiny 1:12 scale models for a short animation for McDonalds' social pages. The advert promotes the new table service feature on the McDonalds app. The models were constructed using a combination of traditional model-making techniques and 3d printing.

1:10 Scale Maquette of  Model Railway Bridge Plinth - December 2015 

Not only was this maquette a useful visual aid throughout the design and making process but it also offered the client with a variety of brick textures, interchangeable scenery configurations and also a demonstration of the installation lighting via miniature LED bulbs. This Is a 1:10 scale representation of the finished installation which can be found here.  

1/5th scale Model H- Class Steam Locomotive (With working steam and lights) - August/September 2015  

1/5th scale model of a H-class Steam Locomotive for charity fundraiser performance of 'The Importance of Being Lewis' at the Dominion Theatre, London. Production Designer: Keith Orton. Construction: plywood frame, plastic boiler, turned wood funnels & buffers, cast resin wheels, ultrasonic smoke effect and LED lights.


Educational Toy Theatre Set - 2013

Product Design project. Model Theatre Toy, including backdrops, magnetic figures, operational curtains, operational lights, sound system and detachable architrave.  

Interactive Water Cycle Museum Exhibit - 2012

Product Design project. An interactive museum piece that can be used to demonstrate the process of the water cycle. Design, illustrations, model, electronics and case created in 3 weeks.  

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